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Solved offers a complete package for developing sustainable solutions for cities, businesses and organizations. We help mobilize the right experts for the job and provide a collaboration tool to facilitate cocreation.

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Solved Advisory

  • Browse experts without limits
  • Build multidisciplinary teams
  • Focus on an individual challenge or subscribe to ongoing advisory
  • Collaborate inside project spaces
  • Receive tangible results
  • Leave the paperwork to Solved
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Solved Together

  • Customize your platform
  • Invite your network
  • Create new connections
  • Facilitate and manage projects
  • Track progress
  • Engage with your ecosystem
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About us

What is Solved

Solved is a marketplace for cleantech advisory services and solutions. We offer a collaboration platform, helping customers leverage cleantech solutions in their sustainability efforts, as well as facilitate engagement and co-creation of sustainability networks.

Who we are

We are a community of over 2500 specialists across multiple disciplines within the clean technology sector, committed to developing solutions that create profitable business and are sustainable for the planet.

How we work

Our approach is based on a co-creative process involving the client and the selected team of experts. Our network of experts consists of independent consultants, innovative entrepreneurs, industry experts and relevant stakeholders.

80% of environmental impact of products and services are determined at the early, design stages.

Trusted by

Kelly Rogers, Senior Management Analyst, Energy Program
San Diego Water Authority

Based on the analysis and evaluation of the Solved experts, we were able to deepen our understating about the complexity of the proposed technologies and related business models, and in particular, their long-term implications. In addition to the highly skilled expert team, we were impressed with the Solved platform as it helped us communicate real time with all team members throughout the project

Timo Kaattari, Economic Manager
City of Heinola

Solved has provided us with an optimal team of experts to resolve numerous challenge related to sustainability e.g. developing a sustainable refurbishment plan for the renovation of buildings to improve their environmental performance.

Juha Kostiainen, Senior Vice President
Urban Development, YIT

Solved helped us verify our initial idea that an environmentally positive residential area could be achieved with current technologies. We received a comprehensive concept providing an overview of possible operational models, technologies and solutions that would enable such an approach. The results included many interesting ideas.

Kari Eik, OiER Secretary General, the Initiator of the United Smart Cities
United Smart Cities

The USC/Solved platform is the key collaboration channel of the United Smart Cities program for cities as well as the private and financial sectors in order to identify, develop, and realize smart sustainable city projects. Solved’s extensive expert network of over 2500 experts is a valuable asset when identifying, evaluating, and developing the projects further

Jussi Lehtinen, Senior Planning Officer
City of Espoo

Solved’s digital platform provides us a way to engage with the commercial players, which, as a city, is not always seamless. We used the digital platform to interact with companies of various sizes and experts within the Solved network to cocreate new, smart and sustainable energy solutions for an upcoming living district in Espoo. Various concepts were created and the best was selected for implementation.

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